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Nadja Fernandes knows how to pick the right tone and precise words to tell a story, through which the experiences, feelings and subjectivity of the main characters are built. As the narrative progresses, the reader finds themself immersed in a fictional world constructed with subtlety and full of significant details, inviting the reader to continue.

Andrea Ostrov, Latin American Literature Professor and Researcher

"Ms Fernandes brings a poignant human sensitivity to her writing that it is a treat to uncover in its pages"
Ilario Colli, author of In Art as In Life

"An intriguing and provocative piece of writing which leaves you wanting more. While both humorous and tragic, Fernandes’ narrative shifts between present and a not-so-distant past, revealing the intimate lives of the characters, and exposing the damage that prejudice and religion can cause."

Eva Fernández, Photographer/Artist

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